Personnel and Associates

Personnel & Staff Colleagues


Stelios Ieronymides LL.B (ATH), LL.M (LON.).

Christos Nicolaou LL.B (ATH.).

Christos Voniatis LL.B (NCL.), LL.M (NCL.).

Edouardos Tonikidis LL.B (NIC.).

Theodoros Stylianou LL.B (HULL), LL.M (LON.).

Sergiy Kalinovskyi L.L.B, LL.M

Estate - Management - Valuations - Constructions

Nafsika Stylianou BSc Economics, Surveyor (City Un. LON.)

Lakis Stylianou BArch & MArch (UCL), Member of Royal Institute of British Architects.

Corporate - Banking - Legal Support

Charis Panagi BSc (UCY.).

Vaso Loizou BSc (UCY.).

Nadia Orfanova BSc (KubSU.).

Vita Papendika Dip. in Communications & Advertisement (LET.).

Natacha Vikis B.A International Studies Virginia (USA.).

Chrysanthos  Zambas  BSc (UCY.).

Alexandros Maxakoulis BSc (FREDU.).

Diana Chatzidou BSc (B.A.)

Auxiliary Personnel - Associates

Besides the Partners and the other qualified personnel, the Firm employs auxiliary and secretarial staff in Cyprus, consisting of over 35 people, in the various departments, including the Accounting Office and also  maintains a number of Associates in Cyprus and in 20 countries abroad.