About us

About us

Stelios Ieronymides & Associates LLC

The Law Company (Firm) is run by Stelios leronymides LL.B, LL.M, a former elected Deputy Mayor of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus and former Member of Parliament.

The Firm over the years has established itself as one of Cyprus’ major legal Offices in company and commercial works, and is one of the largest Firms in the field of formation, registration and administration of International Business Corporates according to the official Governmental records in Cyprus. We also maintain representation, contacts and associates in Moscow, Kiev, London, Athens, Riga, Tallin, Geneva, Zurich and other twelve countries worldwide.

The Firm provides extensive legal services for domestic and international clientele, with efficient, effective, fast and quality advice, offering English, Russian, French, Greek and Latvian speaking personnel to meet the needs and requirements of the clients as the case may be.

The Firm’s clientele include trading companies, Banks, airlines, financial institutions, ship-owners and property owners.

Cyprus, a member of the European Union is one of the very developed International Business centres in the world maintaining the lowest taxation all over Europe with 12.5% on the clear profits where in some instances goes down to 0%.

Our Law Company being at the forefront of these developments established among others a number of management companies i.e S.I. CYLAW SERVICES LIMITED, S.I. CYLAWSERVICE (NOMINEES) LIMITED, PLAN TRUST SERVICES LIMITED as well as other such companies and fiduciaries in order to provide services of nominee directorship, secretarial and related management services of the entities in accordance with the clients requirements. We also established a dynamic tax-planning and accounting department for advice and the needs of our clientele..


Our Law Firm's legal service extents to the following areas

  • Formation and Registration of International Business Companies, Shipping companies, Partnerships, Branches and Formation of Trusts
  • Joint ventures and Agency Agreements
  • Formation of Funds
  • Bank accounts, credit facilities
  • Search and information of legal entities
  • Marketing agreements and contracts
  • Immovable property and Conveyance
  • Admiralty, Shipping and Aviation
  • Insurance
  • Inheritance Law and Wills Administration
  • General Legal Representation, Advice and Practice
  • Litigation before any level

The Firm's technology and human resources as well as our local and international contacts enable us to take the outmost care and professionalism of our clients.